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German Neobank N26 Aims to Make Buying Crypto in Europe Easier

The German-based Neobank N26 is expanding its crypto trading footprint in various European countries. But the bank has some imminent challenges.

As the crypto market rebounds, the development around the ecosystem kicks in. The German Neobank N26 announced the expansion of its crypto trading services in several European countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, and Portugal.

In October last year, N26 first offered crypto trading services in Austria in partnership with BitPanda.

N26 Broadens its Crypto Trading Services

The neobank aims to simplify crypto trading by eliminating confusion, waiting time, and the need to download a new app. The users will be able to trade crypto directly from their bank account.

N26 will allow users to trade 200 coins with 1.5% fees for Bitcoin and 2.5% for altcoins. The subscriber of its Metal account service, which costs €17 per month, will get a discount on the trading fees.

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