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Legal Consulting and Outsourcing 

Terms such as outsourcing and consulting are known to many people today, but most of them do not know the difference between the one and the other. Many consumers believe that these terms mean the same service types in a particular area. 

What is Outsourcing?

The term outsourcing means the transfer of certain internal functions of the company to an external contractor. Now this service is provided in the field of jurisprudence, accounting, marketing, IT sphere, etc.

Legal outsourcing is when another company undertakes all the legal duties which are normally performed by in-house specialists. The outside counsels are involved in verifying transactions, claims against debtors, complaint management, drafting various agreements and other papers. The range of services is quite large.

What is Consulting?

Consulting means getting expert advice from a profiling company or a professional specializing in the industry you need. With the help of the third-party consulting companies, you can solve the whole range of issues which may arise in your business.

Legal consulting is one of the main founders of consulting and professional services. All lawyers provide their services both in the form of advice and through direct conducting of their clients' issues. They can also give expert opinions on the compliance of an action or document in accordance with the law.

Today, consulting is more promising in solving complex problems, and the services of an outsourcing firm specialists can be useful for solving some tasks of the legal department, and also if the company is no longer interested in having any legal department at all.

Legal advice in the field of CRYPTOCURRENCY

When working with digital assets, consulting in the field of cryptocurrencies is essential for a successful business. Each jurisdiction has its own requirements for the regulation of such assets. Qualified lawyers can help you solve the following problems:



·         registration as a business entity or incorporation operating with cryptocurrencies;

·         advising on investment, business activities of a crypto company, maintaining accounting documentation;

·         solution of disputes arising in the course of investing in digital assets.

The cryptocurrency industry is one of the most complex from a legal viewpoint, so difficulties can arise at any time. In some cases, punctual cryptocurrency consultations will help you to prevent serious problems.


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