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Exploring Business Opportunities in Mauritania: A Guide to Company Formation and Registration

Mauritania is a West African country with a rich economy and a wide range of business opportunities. The official currency of Mauritania is the Mauritanian Ouguiya (MRO), which is divided into five khoums. The country has a strong agricultural sector, with the majority of the population relying on subsistence farming. Additionally, Mauritania has a thriving fishing industry, and is a major exporter of iron ore. Mauritania is an attractive destination for foreign investors, with a number of incentives available to those looking to set up a business. Companies can be formed quickly and easily, with the help of a professional company formation and registration service. The country also offers a range of tax incentives, including a reduced corporate tax rate of 15%. Mauritania is a great place to do business, with a strong economy and a wide range of opportunities. With the right company formation and registration service, investors can take advantage of the country's business incentives and start their own business in Mauritania.

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