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Réunion is an overseas department of France located in the Indian Ocean. It has a population of 844,994 people and a GDP of $14.2 billion. The economy of Réunion is largely driven by tourism, with the sector accounting for around 25% of the GDP. The island also has a strong agricultural sector, with sugarcane, vanilla, and rum being the main exports. The manufacturing sector is also growing, with the production of electronics, textiles, and pharmaceuticals. The unemployment rate in Réunion is relatively low, at 8.2%, and the poverty rate is also low, at 8.3%. The government of Réunion has implemented a number of initiatives to promote economic growth, including tax incentives for businesses and investment in infrastructure. Overall, Réunion has a strong and growing economy, with a diverse range of industries and a low unemployment rate.


Réunion is a French overseas department located in the Indian Ocean, and as such, its taxation system is based on the French tax code. 

Corporate taxation in Réunion is the same as in mainland France. Companies are subject to a corporate income tax (impôt sur les sociétés) of 28% on their profits, with certain exceptions and deductions. The corporate tax return must be filed annually before the end of May. Companies must also pay a local business tax (cotisation foncière des entreprises) based on the value of their property assets in Réunion.

Personal taxation in Réunion is also based on the French tax code. Residents of Réunion are subject to income tax (impôt sur le revenu) on their worldwide income. The tax rates vary depending on the level of income, with a maximum rate of 45%. Residents of Réunion are also subject to social security contributions.

Taxpayers in Réunion can file their tax returns online through the French tax authority's website. The tax calendar in Réunion is the same as in mainland France. The deadline for filing personal income tax returns is usually in May, with payments due in September. Corporate tax returns are due in May, with payments due in June.

It's worth noting that Réunion benefits from a specific tax regime called "ZRR" (Zone de Revitalisation Rurale), which allows businesses located in certain designated areas to benefit from tax exemptions or reductions. Additionally, certain investments made in Réunion may be eligible for tax credits or deductions under French law.

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