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"Niue is a small island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. It has a population of approximately 1,400 people and a GDP of $20 million. The economy of Niue is largely based on agriculture, fishing, and tourism. Agriculture is the main source of income for the island, accounting for around 40% of the GDP. Fishing is the second largest contributor to the economy, accounting for around 25% of the GDP. Tourism is the third largest contributor, accounting for around 20% of the GDP. The remaining 15% of the GDP is derived from other sources such as remittances and foreign aid.

Niue has a low unemployment rate of around 4%, and the average income per capita is estimated to be around $14,000. The government of Niue has implemented a number of initiatives to promote economic growth, including the establishment of a free trade zone and the introduction of a number of tax incentives. The government has also invested in infrastructure projects such as the construction of a new airport and the expansion of the island's telecommunications network.

Overall, Niue has a small but stable economy that is largely dependent on agriculture, fishing, and tourism. The government has taken steps to promote economic growth, and the island has a low unemployment rate and a relatively high per capita income."


Niue is a self-governing territory in free association with New Zealand, and it has its own tax system.

For individuals, there are no income tax or capital gains tax in Niue. However, there are indirect taxes such as import and excise duties on goods and services.

For corporations, there is a company tax rate of 28%, which applies to all profits generated by companies operating in Niue. There is no separate capital gains tax for companies.

Taxpayers are required to register with the Revenue Office in Niue and obtain a taxpayer identification number. Tax returns are generally due on 31 March each year, and taxes are payable in advance on a quarterly basis.

The Revenue Office of Niue is responsible for the administration and collection of taxes. Taxpayers are required to keep accurate records and submit tax returns on time to avoid penalties and interest charges. The Revenue Office also has the authority to audit and investigate taxpayers to ensure compliance with tax laws.

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