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Honduras has a mixed economy that is largely dependent on agriculture, industry, and services. According to the World Bank, Honduras’ GDP in 2019 was $25.7 billion, with a growth rate of 2.7%. The country’s main exports are coffee, bananas, shrimp, lobster, and apparel. The main imports are machinery and transport equipment, industrial raw materials, and fuels. The unemployment rate in Honduras is 6.2%, and the poverty rate is estimated to be around 60%. The country’s inflation rate is 4.2%, and the public debt is estimated to be around 60% of GDP. The World Bank also reports that Honduras has a Human Development Index of 0.637, which is below the average for Latin America and the Caribbean.


Taxation in Honduras includes both corporate and personal income taxes, as well as other taxes and fees. Here is an overview of the taxation system in Honduras:

Corporate Taxation:

The corporate tax rate in Honduras is 25% of taxable income. This tax applies to both domestic and foreign companies doing business in Honduras. There are also other taxes that may apply to companies, such as the municipal tax on economic activities, and taxes on imports and exports.

Personal Taxation:

The personal income tax rate in Honduras ranges from 15% to 25%, depending on the amount of taxable income. The tax applies to individuals who earn more than a certain threshold, which is adjusted annually. There are also other taxes that may apply to individuals, such as the municipal tax on property.

Tax Payment Process:

Taxpayers in Honduras are required to file their tax returns annually by March 31st of the following year. The tax year in Honduras is the calendar year, from January 1st to December 31st. Payments can be made in installments, but the full amount of tax owed must be paid by the due date.

For companies, taxes are paid on a monthly basis through a withholding system, where a percentage of the income is withheld at the source and remitted to the government. Companies are also required to file annual tax returns.

Individuals are responsible for calculating their own taxes and making payments directly to the government. However, employers are required to withhold taxes from their employees' salaries and remit them to the government on a monthly basis.

In summary, Honduras has a corporate tax rate of 25% and a personal income tax rate ranging from 15% to 25%. Tax returns must be filed annually by March 31st, and taxes are paid on a monthly basis through a withholding system for companies and directly for individuals.

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